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Fence & Gate Installation


The Quality of the materials used in any job is the one part that has to be right.  We source all our materials from one supplier.  This gives us, as a supplier the reassurance that the product we are installing for you is of the highest quality.


As a company we are proud to offer you the finest installation service with our fleet of top of the range machinery.  A great deal of time has gone into seeking out the best machines to ensure that you end up with the fence that you deserve.  We feel that having this machinery sets us apart from a lot of fencing contractors as it give us the scope to hit deadlines but never lose any of our installation quality.

All of our product is mechanically driven into the ground.  This is the most productive way of fencing and means that we are not concreting posts in which will eventually rot due to water retention on top of the concrete block.

Our staff are all fully trained but most importantly experienced with all types of fencing and understand that this is a big investment for our customers and will get it right first time to ensure that they are fully satisfied with the work.

We run several teams and once a job is started we will remain there until the job is complete as we know what it is like to be left half way through a job and we will never do this to our customers.

Please read through this section to find out what types of fencing we can do and if you cannot see what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fencing is not a job to us, we transform peoples properties and love doing it, we will guarantee our workmanship for 5 years.

Agricultural Fencing

Stock fencing
This type of fencing can vary in height and strength depending on what it is that is trying to be kept in the field.  It usually consists of intermediate posts of 85mm+ at 3.5 metre centres with 200mm strainer posts at every severe change of direction or every 100-150 metres on straight runs.  The mesh is attached to this with normally one or two strands of plain or barbed wire as a jump line on top of the fence.  All of this wire is then pulled up tight using specialist machines to create a very tight and straight fence which will look great and need very little maintenance over the years.

(Please note that no wire is ever pulled from gate posts as they are installed separately and then railed into the fence line)



Rabbit Fencing

Due to ever increasing numbers of these we have had a lot of call for this type of fencing over the years.  It consists of strainer posts of 150mm driven into the ground with posts of 85mm+ used as inters at centres of no more than 4m.  Add to this two strands of plain high tensile wire one of these is at 3ft from the ground and one at 1ft high.  Using our specialist hydraulic rabbit netting trencher we then drive along the fence line and plough out an 8 inch deep furrow.  The netting is then clipped onto the top wire and then layer into the trench.  This is then buried over using an excavator and pressed back in using the diggers weight.  The wire at 1 ft high is to make sure that the netting does not end up baggy and gives the netting a lot more strength.

The netting used is of the highest standard and again only one supplier is used for this so the quality remains of the highest order.

Barbed and plain wire fences.

It all depends on the clients needs but sometimes a fence that is of the same standard as the stock fencing but without the netting and four or five strands of wire will suffice.  If its only cows that need to be kept in then this might be the answer you are looking for.  It still looks good but will be very effective.  It will also cost a little less to install.


Equine fencing - Post and Rail.
This is the most conventional of fences with either two or three rails.

The posts that are used are either 2.1m long or 1.8 depending on the desired finishing height.  They are of the highest quality and come with a 15 year guarantee as standard but can come with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee.

The posts are driven into the ground at 1.8m spacings and the rails that are 3.6m long span these.  Most people go for three rails these days and we prefer this as two rails only makes the fence quite top heavy but again it all depends on the budget.

Add to this lovely fence some rounded corners and have these boarded out to create a very nice wind break for your horses!


Stud Fencing

This fence consists of posts being installed as the post and rail would be, added to this is the latest equine safe netting from tornado which consists of graduated squares up to a height of 1.2m.  This netting does not splinter like lesser grade wires and is suitable for all horses from foals to stallions to safely graze behind.  A top rail is then added to make the fence visible to deter the horse further from trying to get out.

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